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Hardwood flooring for an exceptional home

When it comes to floor coverings that truly “go the distance”, hardwood is a favorite among homeowners. Not only is it one of the most elegant materials to use on your floors, it is durable, offers an enormity of variety, and has a lifespan that rivals just about anything else on the flooring market today. In its mass of variety, you’ll find that this product likely meets all your needs and covers most of your preferences as well.

At Doolittle’s Carpet & Paints, our family has more than 50 years of experience in helping your family find the flooring of their dreams. With a service staff dedicated to your complete satisfaction, you’ll find the products and services you need quickly. We proudly serve the areas of Fairmont, Truman, Sherburn, and Trimont, MN, from our showroom in Fairmont, MN. We would welcome the honor of your business as well so be sure to pay us a visit as soon as you’re able.

Variety in hardwood flooring

When it comes to hardwood floors, you have the option of either solid or engineered. While the solid product cannot be installed in any below grade spaces, or anywhere in which dampness and humidity are constant, engineered flooring can be a great substitute. It can be installed in many areas where the solid option cannot, making it a great way to provide continuity if you desire it.

Solid wood floors offer a lot more variety than you might think, all in one single product. You’ll first choose the perfect species. Species choices are dependent on the type of traffic in your home. Higher traffic requires denser, harder woods, while low traffic areas have a bit more flexibility here. Stain color would be the next option, usually chosen to match the home’s decor. Then you’ll top everything off with a finish that makes the most sense for your unique atmosphere.

One of the most sought-after qualities of hardwood flooring is the ability to have it refinished. Not only does this create that long life span that homeowners love, but it even gives you the ability to change things up a bit. If you prefer a different stain color after a while, or want to add a different finish, this is the perfect time to do so. Better still, it can be done several times over the life of your flooring, giving you several different looks over time.

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