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Benefits of ceramic & porcelain tile

Few floor coverings can boast the history that ceramic & porcelain tile can. Dating back thousands of years BC, it has always been a favorite of homeowners who value durability and lifespan length. Even more so, the decorative qualities found in these materials make it appealing to almost every homeowner, no matter your preferences or needs. These floors offer the ability to be as unique as you want to be, without sacrificing quality. To find out why, just keep reading.

At Doolittle’s Carpet & Paints, we’re more than happy to put our more than 50 years of experience in flooring to work for you. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, which means we’re going to treat your floors as if they were our own. Visiting our showroom in Fairmont, MN is a great way to get your own process started. We service the areas of Fairmont, Truman, Sherburn, and Trimont, MN. We hope to soon provide outstanding service for you as well.

The amazing attributes of ceramic & porcelain

Choosing between ceramic & porcelain can be a bit tricky, and that’s something we completely understand. However, the differences between these two products mean that one is likely to be much better for you than the other, and that’s what we have to figure out.

We’ll start by getting to know you and find out exactly what you’re looking for in a floor covering. If you prefer the minimal look, or an all-natural material for your floors, porcelain is an excellent choice. Not only is it created in such a way as to be incredibly dense, hard and waterproof, it boasts some of the most beautiful natural designs in the flooring world. At the same time, it features a through-body coloration that means it can go a long way in hiding cracks and chips, should they happen.

Ceramic is geared more towards homeowners who prefer highly decorative flooring. While you can certainly feature it’s bright, bold colors in solid form, you can also use them to create amazing patterns, geometric designs or even intricate mosaics. Cutting these tiles into various shapes and sizes can help move forward with the decorative element as well, extending your reach in style. It also boasts nearly the same density and water resistance as porcelain, so it can go anywhere porcelain can go.

Be sure to speak with your flooring professional about even more specific benefits that can make you a ceramic & porcelain tile lover.

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